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How to present scientific results: publish or perish

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How to present scientific results: publish or perish


Tomá? Scholz is a professor of parasitologyat the University of South Bohemia and Senior Scientist at the Institute ofParasitology, Biology Centre of theCzech Academy of Sciences in?eské Budějovice(Budweis), CzechRepublic. He wasDirectorof the Institute of Parasitology from2002 to 2012 and since then serves asDeputy Director. In 2012–2017,he was Chairmanof the Scientific Boardof the Biology Centre and now serves asits Vice-Chairman.

Tomá?has authored/co-authoredmore than 300 peer-reviewedarticlesin the field of helminthologyand fish parasitology, especiallysystematics,phylogeny and life-cyclesof tapeworms (Cestoda)andflukes (Trematoda),including causative agentsof human fish-borne diseases such as diphyllobothriosis(Scholz et al., 2009: Clin. Microbiol.Rev.) and small liver& intestinal flukes (Scholz,2008: Opisthorchiidae. In Keysto the Trematoda,CAB International), andinvasive parasites offish (Kuchta et al., 2018: Trends Parasitol.).Hewas a co-author or firsteditor of five books including A Guide to the Parasites of African FreshwaterFishes (Scholz et al., 2018: ABC Taxa) andhasco-authored severalchapters in monographs published in CRC Press,CAB International, Wiley Blackwell andother publishing houses.

Hehas served as ActingEditor (1990–1998) and Editor-in-Chief(since 2012) of thejournal Folia Parasitologica, SubjectEditor of the Journal of Parasitology (2005–2012) and on the editorial boardof several parasitological journals. He hasbeenprincipal investigatorof numerous Czech andinternational grantprojects and group leader in theNational Science Foundationproject of the PlanetaryBiodiversity Inventory program (NSF-PBI)“Tapeworms fromVertebrate Bowels of the Earth” in 2008–2017.

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